Why Would I Need A Tooth Pulled?

If you’ve recently had an accident and broken a tooth, you are probably looking at all of the options. If your tooth is merely chipped, cosmetic procedures can help it look as good as new. A veneer is a great option for a healthy tooth that is just not cosmetically satisfying. Alternatively, if your tooth is severely damaged due to sports, a car accident, or another accident, you may require tooth extraction. If damage is widespread, pulling the tooth may be the best option for the overall health of your mouth and your other teeth. Keep reading to learn about tooth extraction and implants.

Why Tooth Extraction?

If a tooth’s root is damaged, then it will die. That leaves a tooth that darkens over time and is more fragile than a living tooth. These can cause issues, so it’s best to have them removed entirely before they have a chance to break or cause pain.

Tooth extraction can be done for health or cosmetic reasons, though we find that most procedures come from necessity. If your mouth is overcrowded, for example, removing a tooth may help your smile look better, but it’s also better for your teeth to have more room so they can stay healthy.


After a tooth is removed, you have a few options. Most often, an implant is a great option to replace the missing tooth and fill the gap it leaves behind. It’s important to consider the health of your mouth after you have a tooth removed, since a missing tooth can impact your speech, ability to eat certain foods, or even the health of your jaw bone. Implants can be matched to your teeth, and are often undetectable!

Overall, there are many reasons why your dentist may recommend pulling a tooth. Your circumstances and teeth may be different from someone else, who just needed a crown. It’s important to ask questions and make sure that you have all of the important information before you proceed with tooth extraction.

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