Time for a Quick Change? Consider Porcelain Veneers!

Dental veneers are not new. This treatment has, however, experienced a new surge of interest after significant advances in protocol. Many of the early veneers that were placed ended up looking more like Chicklets than chic. The point of cosmetic dentistry is to elevate the natural appeal of the smile, not to wipe it out altogether. To do this, the discriminating dentist will incorporate materials that mimic natural enamel, and technique that enhances the overall result. Patients of Centennial Dental Center can get the quick-change they want with porcelain veneers.

What Does YOUR Best Smile Look Like?

  • Many people struggle with discoloration. In many cases, teeth whitening can bleach stains that have settled in to enamel, but not always. Some stains occur deep within the tooth. Your dentist can discern the difference, and recommend porcelain veneers for a brighter smile when staining is an internal problem.
  • One of the concerns for which porcelain veneers is appropriate is the size of teeth. Some adult teeth seem to have remained stuck in the adolescent phase of development. When teeth are very small, the facial esthetic suffers. Gums may appear too prominent, and the overall vibe you send out is not one of professionalism or sophistication. Resizing teeth to the proper proportion elevates your appearance to match your age.
  • Porcelain veneers may be used, in some instances, to give the illusion of alignment. It is important to understand that alignment is not just about the position of individual teeth, but also about how opposing teeth fit together. Porcelain veneers cannot fix every problem associated with a bad bite. However, slight turning or crookedness may be addressed with this versatile treatment.
  • Of course the whole point of undergoing any cosmetic dental treatment is to bring your smile into alignment with the rest of your face. Porcelain veneers can mask a number of imperfections, including gaps, chips, cracks, and varying lengths or sizes.

The overall success of porcelain veneers lies not only in the material we use to change the appearance of a tooth or teeth. It also involves meticulous technique that only a highly trained dentist will have. Dr.  Wright is currently completing the rigorous accreditation process with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. His extensive training and eye for detail achieve the precise result that fits your personal esthetic.

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