Take A Closer Look At Your Teeth

Most adults have 32 teeth (wisdom teeth included). How much do you know about your teeth and how they work? As it turns out, you have four different types of teeth that all have different jobs. Keep reading to learn more.

The Incisors
These are the 8 teeth in the front of your mouth. They are different sizes, but they all have the same job—the incisors are primarily used for biting. You should have four incisors on the top row of your mouth and for on the bottom row. These teeth are thinner than the rest of your teeth in your mouth.

The Canines
You have four canines in total. They are on the sides of your incisors and are used for tearing and gripping food. These teeth are sharper and pointier than the rest of your teeth.

The Pre-Molars
These teeth are larger and flatter than the incisors and canines. They are used for crushing food. Most adults have 8 pre-molars.

The Molars
Most adults have 12 molars including the wisdom teeth. Often there isn’t enough room in your mouth for wisdom teeth so they need to be removed. Wisdom teeth also are sometimes removed because they come in at the wrong angle. Whether you have all your molars, or you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed, the molars you have left are used for chewing and grinding food. These teeth are the largest teeth in your mouth and further toward the back.

As you can see, each type of tooth plays an important role. While it is generally pretty easy to keep the teeth near the front of your mouth clean, it can be very difficult to clean the pre-molars and especially the molars. This is one reason it is important to schedule regular cleanings at the dentist.

At Centennial Dental Center, dental hygienists will use special tools to reach every section of your mouth to make sure every single tooth gets cleaned. If the dental hygienists find problems while cleaning your mouth, they have special tools that can remove infection and rough areas of the tooth. In some cases, they’ll also use a special medication along the gum lines.

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