How to Prevent Pediatric Gingivitis

Caring for a child is a full time job for parents everywhere. Not only do you have to ensure that their safety is top priority but you also have to ensure that their health is as well— including oral health. Although preventing against cavities is a big concern in every household, did you know that around 59% of middle school children have some sort of gingivitis? So how can you ensure that your little one doesn’t get gingivitis?

Invest in a Water-Pik or Flosser

Every adult knows that in addition to brushing your teeth twice daily, you also need to floss your teeth after meals as well. Flossing is the best way to get food and plaque out of your teeth in order to ensure that your mouth is properly cleaned and that cavities can’t sneak in between your teeth somehow. Not only that, but flossing can also help prevent against gingivitis. However, getting a child to floss their teeth every day can seem like tooth pulling— that’s why you can invest in a water flosser like a Water-Pik. These water flossers are used to act similarly as dental flossing without the hassle of dental floss. Plus, kids love them!

Encourage More Vitamin C

A vitamin C deficiency can contribute to many forms of gingivitis, especially the forms that attack the gums of younger children. As an essential vitamin that supports immune health, Vitamin C can help to reduce any sort of oral infections and inflammation associated with gum disease. Simply encourage your child to eat at least one Vitamin C enriched food per day. To make their vitamin C consumption a bit more exciting, try some recipes like homemade grapefruit popsicles or orange smoothies— these types of Vitamin packed snacks will get your child excited about taking good care of their teeth and gums.

Thinking about your child developing gingivitis at such a young age is beyond frightening. And getting your child to take good care of their teeth can often times feel impossible. However, by investing in a water flosser and encouraging them to consume more Vitamin C, you can help to prevent your child from getting gum disease. To learn more about dental hygiene, contact our office today!