Centennial Dental Center Patient Testimonials

Read about some of the experiences of some of our patients

Carrie Welborn, Boise, Idaho

I had some crown work done on my teeth over a year ago.  It took 4 months, a crown, and a route canal, in that order, to fix the problem. But I continued to have problems with the pain, from the food that would pack in-between the crown and the next crown.

My husband, in the mean time, switched to Dr. Wright.  He kept bragging about how thorough Dr. Wright was, and how wonderful the staff was to deal with. I have never liked dentist offices.  I’ve always had bad experiences, on top of just having anxiety about dental work anyway.  I decided to give Dr. Wright a shot, after all, what did I have to loose?

Great Advice that Minimized the Pain

My husband made an appointment for me to get my teeth cleaned, and on the first visit, Dr. Wright discussed with me all the problems I needed to have fixed. First on the list was the remaining two wisdom teeth.   The other two were removed long ago, and was such a horrible experience! I only had two removed.   Dry sockets are the worst pain to me. One bad experience can have lasting results.

Dreading the experience, I made the appointment.  Dr. Wright extracted the teeth and things went smoothly. But then I was on gas and numbing medicine.  Before I left, he told me to be sure to eat steak or chicken for dinner.  He said it was necessary to exercise the muscles in my mouth to prevent being so sore.  Ok, sounds funny, but I did as was directed, and I never had to take any pain pills later as the pain medication wore off!

That experience in itself would have convinced me that he was the best dentist ever.  Three weeks later, I started to have pain behind the crown that was fixed by my previous dentist prior to Dr. Wright.  On my next scheduled cleaning, I told my husband to call and cancel, and to set up an appointment to look at the tooth.  I was really having a great deal of pain.  He gave me the information, saying they canceled Wednesday’s appointment, and rescheduled to the following week.  I received an email for me to confirm my appointment on Wednesday.  Now, I didn’t have my glasses on, but I could just make out the phone number, and I called them.   “I thought my husband called and canceled and rescheduled for another day.”  I said.  The staff person then replied, “I don’t see anything, but let me put you on hold while I answer the other line.”  When she returned, she told me that she had just had a cancelation and I could come in about 2:30pm. I agreed since I was ready to have something done.

Was this a Case of Mistaken Appointments?

I arrived at 2:00pm, and I told Katie, “I’m here for my appointment.”  She looked kind of puzzled and asked, ”Are you here for the cleaning? We showed that you canceled and rescheduled next week to look at your crown.”  I told her that I talked to someone this morning and they said they didn’t show the changes, but they had a cancelation at 2:30, and I could come then.  “You know what, I will just fix it, and if you will have a seat, they will come get you in a minute,” Katie told me.

They came out, took me back, began to take pictures, and checked on the pain, then said, “I’m going to send you back to the waiting room, it will be more comfortable waiting there.” This happened twice, and on returning to the waiting room, I told them I felt bad because I could see that they were very busy and were trying to work me in.

So once again, I was back in the waiting room.  I decided to play words with friends while waiting I noticed that I had a voice message.  I started listening to the message.  It went as follows:  “This is Dr. XXX’s office (my previous dentist) and we are calling to see where you are.  You were going to be here at 2:30pm.”  Now, I am setting here at the office, in the waiting area, looking at the girls, and wondering, what do you mean?  I’ve been here since 2:00pm.  About that time, I hear the words on the recording, “But I’m thinking because of the conversation we had earlier about the appointment not getting changed that maybe you are at another Dentist office.”  Do the words, “I don’t have on my glasses,” resonate right now?!? Oops…

What was the chance that I had scheduled a cleaning at the old dentist office on the same day as the new one, a year apart and, that they used a similar looking appointment reminder email system?

I got up, went over to Katie and confessed!  She was so cute and said, “I thought maybe me or one of the other girls must have messed up, because you had given so much detail about the call, and I couldn’t find anything.  I was bound to make it work for you since you were in pain and I felt so bad.”

When was the last time you felt like a business or staff person bent over backwards to make you feel like you are the most important customer they have?   This is very rare.  It has been obvious, as I get to know Dr. Wright better, that the staff is a good reflection of his personality and work beliefs.  Thank you Dr. Wright and staff, for making my visits to the Dentist office an enjoyable experience.  I can’t wait for my next visit to your Dentist office, and I have never said that before.

Dee Patterson, Boise, Idaho

"From the first visit to the office of Dr. Wright I was greeted with a friendly smile (and a beautiful smile) and a warm welcome. In the process of having visits with the hygienist and getting dental work by Dr. Wright I always knew what to expect. Each procedure was explained to me thoroughly by Dr. Wright. When Dr. Wright spoke to me about having anterior crown work done I was intrigued because I had always been somewhat shy about my imperfect smile. Dr. Wright took extensive pictures of my teeth and wrote detailed notes which were presented to my insurance company. The financial representative worked with me and I knew the financial details exactly before any work was completed. My treatment was easier than I expected. When my crowns were in place and I looked in the mirror I was ecstatic. I could only hug Dr. Wright. I wish I would have been able to have had this smile when I was younger. Every day, I am happy with my smile and I smile a lot now."

Marla Garner, Boise, Idaho

"I am very happy with the care and service I received from Dr. Wright and his staff. His staff is always friendly, positive and willing to help. They took the time to explain the treatment process and were very flexible with payment options. They are very conscious about wanting their patients to be satisfied with the care they receive.

I absolutely love my new teeth and it is so nice to be able to smile now and not feel self-conscious!

Dr. Wright is highly professional and very knowledgeable. He loves what he does and truly cares about his patients. I would highly recommend him and his staff."