Commonly Misunderstood Dental Facts

When you go to school to learn about teeth, you learn a lot more than you can convey in short appointments with your patients. That’s why asking questions is important to understanding how you can take control of your dental health. Keep reading for some commonly misunderstood ideas about teeth.

Sugar is Sugar

Sugar isn’t good for your teeth, but did you know that there’s more to it than that? It’s not as simple as you may think. Did you know that it’s not the amount of sugar you eat, but how often you eat it that determines your risk of developing cavities? Yes, how often your teeth are exposed to sugar is more important than how much you eat it.

So when you go to eat leftover Halloween snacks or dip into the candy bowl, take a minute to think about what you’re doing. When you eat sugar, it takes the bacteria in your mouth about 20 seconds to convert that sugar to acid, which then lasts for about 30 minutes on your teeth. That’s a lot of potential for damage!

Instead of grabbing one piece of candy every thirty minutes, or stretching out that candy corn ball, eating it all at once is actually better for your teeth in the long run. Think about that when you sip on sugary drinks, too!

Baby Teeth Don’t Need Brushing

Actually, baby teeth are very important to brush and take care of, even though your child will lose them eventually. Your child’s dental hygiene habits before they get their adult teeth is key to helping them understand how to keep their adult teeth healthy. It will likely be harder to teach your child to brush their teeth every day when they have their adult teeth, and they may have issues that carry over from damaged baby teeth.

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