Braces 101: How to Help Your Teen Feel Comfortable

Braces are one of the best, and certainly most affordable, ways to have your child’s teeth professionally straightened. By placing a combination of metal brackets and wires across your mouth, braces work primarily off of pressure. As such, your child’s braces will have to be tightened every month or so to ensure that they are properly moved. After each tightening appointment, however, your child may be in a lot of pain and discomfort. To help your child feel more comfortable afterward, try using these tips.

Soft Foods for One Day

For one full day after your child gets their braces tightened, try only to feed them soft foods. If your teen loves milkshakes, smoothies, or acai bowls, this is the time to load them up on these delicious treats— the less pressure they place on their mouth by biting into hard foods, the more comfortable they will be.

Take Ibuprofen

Your teenager is certainly old enough to take an over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen. Before they come into our office to have their braces tightened, try giving them the prescribed dose based on their weight. By the time they are done with their appointment, the ibuprofen will have hopefully kicked in already.

Ice and Heat

If your child is experiencing more pain than usual, try to have them alternate between ice packs and hot pads. The combination of hot and cold will help to get rid of pain and inflammation— making them feel comfortable, faster.

Having braces can be uncomfortable for your teenager— especially after they’ve just been tightened. To help ease any discomfort, try using the three tips listed above. To learn more about dental braces or how to make your teenager feel more comfortable while wearing them, contact Centennial Dental Center today!