3 Snacks to Put In Your Kid’s Easter Basket

It’s that time of year where Easter egg hunts are here, and kids are getting ready to spot the giant bunny. However, Easter is also a time where your kids are probably eating too much candy— leaving them with a stomach ache and the increased likelihood of getting cavities. From carrots to goldfish crackers, this article will discuss a few fun snacks you can pack in your child’s Easter basket. Read on to learn more.


Yes, it may sound weird to put carrots in your little one’s Easter basket but rather than filling their plastic eggs full of jelly beans and chocolates, try filling them with carrots instead. To get your kids excited about eating carrots, make sure to emphasize that they are the Easter bunny’s favorite snack and he wanted to share. The abrasive texture of raw carrots helps to scrub your teeth and get rid of harmful plaque and bacteria.

Apple Slices

As another treat that is a bit out of the ordinary to add to an Easter basket, apple slices are good for your child’s body and mouth. Similar to carrots, the texture of apples cleans your teeth and encourages the production of saliva— both of which keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Additionally, apple slices also contain ascorbic acid which is known to naturally whiten your teeth.

Goldfish Crackers

Another fairly healthy treat that you can add to your child’s Easter basket is goldfish crackers. And who doesn’t love those? Low in sugar, goldfish crackers will help curb your child’s hunger without giving them cavities in the process.

Easter is a holiday that your kids may associate with eating too much candy and treats. However, you can make this holiday a little healthier by filling their basket with healthy treats like carrots, apple slices, and goldfish crackers. If you would like to learn more about smile healthy tips, contact Centennial Dental Center today to schedule an appointment.