Understanding the Difference Between a General Dentist and a Family Dentist

One stop shopping is all the rage— leaving patients with the ability to get almost all of their errands done in just one place. Similarly, if you have a family, it’s nice to be able to get all of their dental cleanings and checkups are done from one person like a family dentist. But when you are shopping around for a family dentist, you may come across a lot of general dentists that offer similar services. So, what’s the difference between a family dentist and a general dentist?

What’s the main difference?

General dentists receive formal training for about three to four years on average. If your general dentist only sees patients over the age of 18 and you have younger children, you will have to take them to a separate office for cleanings. Whereas, a family dentist is a general dentist (with the same amount of training) but who has established a clientele of patients of all ages— which means that you won’t have to dry all around town looking for a new dentist for your younger children.

Why Should I Choose a Family Dentist?

Other than the fact that, as previously mentioned, a family dentist provides you with that one-stop shopping kind of feel, it’s nice to know that you will see the same dentist every time. Whether it’s for a cleaning and preventative services, periodontal care, tooth replacement, or cosmetic treatments, having a family dentist provides you with convenience and peace of mind.

Shopping around for a new dental office to help with your family members teeth can seem a bit overwhelming. However, if you have a family of children of all ages, a family dentist may make your scheduling a lot easier.

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