Tips For Managing Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is one of the most common reasons that people avoid visiting their dentists on a regular basis. Some people are uncomfortable with the examination, and others are fearful of any discomfort. Dental anxiety ranges from a high level of stress and sleeplessness to panic attacks in the days before the appointment. At Centennial Dental Center, we want you to feel comfortable during every appointment, so we have some tips for managing your anxiety for your dental procedures.

Tip #1: Ask Questions

Dental procedures intimidate people of all ages because we have little understanding about our teeth and gums, as well as exactly why a procedure is necessary. Patient education is an important part of dental health, and we encourage you to ask questions before your procedure.

Tip #2: Understand Your Recovery

If you are having a procedure done, you may be concerned with the recovery process, such as any discomfort, how to eat and how long you need to heal. We recommend that you may have a list of questions to bring with you, and we can answer your questions before the procedure.

Tip #3: Be Patient

Feeling anxious about dental procedures is natural, so be patient with yourself. If you arrive at your appointment and feel overwhelmed, let us know. We may reschedule the appointment, or we can take steps to help you feel comfortable.

Tip #4: Try Sedation Dentistry

We offer sedation dentistry for patients who have difficulty managing their concerns about dental procedures. Talk to us about how you are feeling, and we will explain your options. We may prescribe a mild sedative that you take an hour before your appointment, or we may administer a sedative during your appointment.

Tip #5: Practice, Practice, Practice

As you experience more dental examinations and cleanings, you may find that your anxiety gradually disappears. We encourage you to work with us to keep you engaged in your treatments. As you have more positive and comfortable experiences, your anxiety may naturally subside.

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