The Art Behind Fluoride

Strong tooth enamel equates to strong teeth overall. As your teeth’s protection against things like acid erosion, cavities, and decay, strong tooth enamel is your mouth’s number one defense mechanism. But how can you ensure that both yourself and your family’s enamel stays strong enough to protect your teeth? With fluoride. Read on to learn more about the art behind fluoride.

What is fluoride?
In order to fully understand how beneficial fluoride is to your dental health, you will need to know what fluoride is and how it works to protect your teeth. Made from a substance called hydroxyapatite, which is mostly made of calcium and phosphate, fluoride works to coat your teeth with these minerals in order to protect your teeth from enamel erosion and cavities.

What if I don’t use fluoride?
If you’re skeptical about you and your family using fluoride to help keep your teeth clean, then your teeth will likely become weakened and will be more susceptible to dental problems. Luckily, fluoride is 100% safe for you and your family to use, so unless you are allergic to it, there really is no reason to avoid it.

How can I get fluoride?
There are several ways that you and your family can get fluoride including the following:

  • Your tap water: Check your city’s water site to see if it has fluoride in it as most public waterways now carry fluoride in it.
  • Sealant: Another way to get fluoride is to come into Centennial Dental Center and get a fluoride sealant placed on top of your teeth to add a barrier to protect them from cavities and enamel erosion.
  • Pills: If you would prefer to orally ingest your fluoride, you can ask Centennial Dental Center about getting fluoride pills that you can take once a day to help strengthen your enamel.
  • Toothpaste: Did you know that your over-the-counter toothpaste likely carries an amount of fluoride in it? Simply look at the packaging to make sure that your toothpaste has fluoride in it .

To learn more about the benefits of fluoride or to schedule an appointment with Centennial Dental Center in order to get a fluoride treatment, contact our office today and one of our dental professionals will gladly assist you!