How to Mentally Deal With Dental Anxiety

When it comes to dental anxiety, nothing can make a person feel quite as fearful as the prospect of having to sit in the dental chair. And although there are innovations such as sedation dentistry that help a person physically relax and feel less anxious, it’s important to know some exercises that you can use to mentally and emotionally relax before and during your dental procedure. Read on to learn more.

Deep Breathing
One of the most crucial ways that you can mentally deal with anxiety is through utilizing deep breathing techniques. When you start to feel a bit of panic arise while sitting in the dental chair, simply focus on your breathing pattern and try to slow it down. Although you may not be able to take big, deep breaths during the procedure and while your dentist’s hand is in your mouth, you can mentally focus on the act of breathing in order to stabilize your breath and distract you from thinking of anything else.

Think Worst Case
Yes, it may sounder counterintuitive to think of the worst case scenario when dealing with dental anxiety, but it actually will help. By thinking of the very worst that can happen, you can come to terms with how you would deal with that scenario and realize that you would be fine in the end. And because the worst-case scenario is likely not going to happen, then you can start to realize that you will be more than okay during and after your dental procedure.

Try Not to Fixate
If you are a naturally anxious person then you may have tendencies to fixate on certain things, like your upcoming dentist appointment. However, this type of fixation can only be detrimental to your overall mental health and cause you to become even more anxious. As a great tool to use when preparing for your next dental exam, try not to fixate on the thought of your upcoming appointment. Any time an anxious thought comes to mind, try to think of something else.

Dealing with dental anxiety can be stressful. Luckily, with the help of the experts at Centennial Dental Center and with the use of the above tips, you can calm your anxiety and feel more like yourself during your next procedure. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Centennial Dental Center today!