Hate Flossing? Try Our Tips

Brushing and flossing remove food particles, bacteria, plaque and tartar from your teeth. If you are like most people, you struggle with flossing. Your hygienist explains the proper technique during your exam, and you even practice during the appointment. When you get home, though, the routine that seemed so simple becomes a complex and impossible task. We have put together some tips to help make flossing easier and even fun. If you try some of our recommendations, your next dental cleaning will be something that you look forward to and enjoy.

Floss Where You Relax

We typically combine our flossing and brushing, but many of us are too busy to take a few extra minutes to floss. Having your floss close by when you are relaxing improves the likelihood that you will floss. Put containers of floss around your house and office, and women can keep floss in their purses. Some of our favorite places to keep floss is near the remotes, next to the coffee pot and in our makeup bags.

Floss in Sections

If flossing all of your teeth takes too much time, you can floss small sections throughout the day. As you get more comfortable with using the technique, you can floss larger sections. The goal is to reach a point where you can quickly floss all of your teeth in just a few minutes.

Reward Yourself

Rewards motivate us to take on tasks that we may not necessarily enjoy. Find a way to reward yourself each time you floss. The rewards do not have to be extravagant, and you can give yourself larger rewards for flossing all of your teeth. Our favorite rewards are healthy treats, a few minutes of relaxing and putting a penny in a jar.

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