Boise Family Dental Services at Centennial

Centennial Dental Center welcomes families from Boise and surrounding areas. Our Family Dentistry services are designed to provide everyone in your home the dental care they need for a healthy smile.

What is a Family Dentist?
A family dentist is a general dentist who has established an office where patients of all ages can obtain the care they need. The fact that our dentist offers cleaning and preventive servicescosmetic treatmentsperiodontal care, and tooth replacement makes choosing a Centennial dentist an easy choice for the patient seeking convenient, personal care for their entire household. Centennial dentists provide exceptional and professional Boise dental services.

See What Our Patients Are Saying

What a great place to have dental work. I normally don't like going to the dentist. I have been going and having some serious work completed by Dr. Wright and his staff. Each time that I have been in the dentist chair my experience was very professional and comforting. Dr. Wright and his staff are very professional and the atomsphere is welcoming and everyone is very helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Wright and his staff.
I’ve been coming to Dr Wright for many years. He and the staff are like family. My visit today reinforced how much they care for their patients by investing in technology that benefits me and you.
I appreciate all of the precautions they are taking to keep everyone very safe while dealing with COVID.
What a great experience! Chipped a tooth on a Friday night. Spent all weekend asking for referrals and doing research on where I should get my tooth fixed. Called Dr Wright’s office on Monday and they got me in Thursday morning. Check in was very easy and smooth. The staff was very enjoyable! Dr. Wright was a hoot! Even as adult I am still unaware of things going on with my teeth, he was very informative, he was friendly, he made me laugh and feel comfortable in the chair. He was able to advise me on some jaw issues and teach me a few therapy moves to help reduce jaw clicking. He got my tooth all crowned up and super happy with the whole experience! Immediately set up an appointment for my child to go see him.
I'm a middle aged single woman, who through infections, poor habits and time, lost all of my bottom front teeth. When I came to Dr. Wright, I had been wearing a temporary removable denture for almost 1 1/2 years, which was so loose, I could barely eat, let alone, kiss a date once in a while. From day one, Dr. Wrights only concern was to give me my smile back, which in turn, gave me my life back. His skills, creativity and care were beyond anything I had ever expected. He's not the cheapest out there, but he is the best. When it comes to being able to smile, and date, without removing your teeth, the extra dollars are so worth it. You pay for quality, and thats exactly what he provides. He is my dentist for life now, because he gave me my life back.

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