Do You Have Stinky Breath?

We spend a great deal of time interacting with other people. Social situations and business environments put us within other people’s personal spaces, so having bad breath can be uncomfortable for all involved. Understanding what is causing your bad breath helps you find a remedy and know when it is time for a dental exam.

The Breath Test

One of the most common techniques that is used for checking for breath odor is exhaling into a cupped hand and smelling the results. Does this really work? Not necessarily. Your mouth and nasal cavity are connected, and your brain is trained to ignore less obvious aromas, such as what might be found briefly after exhaling into your hand. A better technique is to follow a few steps:

  1. Test your saliva by licking your wrist and letting it dry.
  2. Use a spoon to collect saliva from your tongue. Pull the spoon gently from back to front and examine what appears on the spoon. If you notice a whitish substance, you may have halitosis. Sterile gauze can be used instead of a spoon.

Why Your Breath Smells

Before you panic about having bad breath, first ask yourself if you have eaten any foods that may cause the offensive odor. You should also consider your oral hygiene habits. Food particles and bacteria in the mouth can cause bad breath. A good brushing and flossing followed by an antiseptic mouth rinse may eliminate the problem. Dehydration may also give you stinky breath, so try increasing your water intake for a few days.

Dental Problems that Cause Bad Breath

If home remedies do not give you fresher breath, you may have a dental condition that requires treatment.

  • Periodontal disease
  • Cavities
  • Yeast infections
  • Dentures and other appliances that do not fit properly and allow bacteria to grow
  • Dry mouth

Having your teeth and gums evaluated by a dentist is the best way to diagnose conditions that contribute to bad breath.

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