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Dental Crowns

At Centennial Dental Center we take pride in creating confident smiles. Our team of expert dental staff in Boise, ID works with you to create a personalized dental plan so you can achieve your ideal smile. If you are unhappy with a damaged or discolored tooth, a dental crown procedure may be the right solution for you.

Dr. Koeltl of Centennial Dental Center utilizes exciting new crown technology for his Boise patients. He can have a new tooth, with the crown created virtually and placed. This eliminates the need for a temporary crown and saves you, his patients, time!


Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

What is a Dental Crown Procedure?

A dental crown procedure is a form of cosmetic dentistry that involves fitting a custom-made replacement tooth, or crown, over an existing damaged tooth. First, your dentist prepares the damaged tooth by removing any affected areas and converts the remaining healthy tooth into an anchor for the dental crown. The dentist then creates a digital impression of your prepared tooth using state-of-the-art imaging technology. This impression is used to create a custom crown that your dentist then bonds onto the anchor tooth.

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