Dental Care 101: 3 Foods to Avoid this Holiday Season

With the holiday season in full swing people everywhere are flocking to the store to buy friends and family members the best, most thoughtful gifts as possible. Among traditional gifts being purchased, so are rich, sweet holiday sweets. If you are concerned not only about any potential weight gain but about your oral healthas well, here are three foods to avoid this holiday season.

  1. Caramels
    Caramels are one of the worst types of foods for your teeth. And although things like caramel apples or just simple caramel candies might be one of your favorite holiday treats, it’s important to eat them sparingly— very sparingly. Due to its sticky texture and nature, caramel can easily grasp onto things like dental fillings and cause them to become loose. Caramel can also create a home on your teeth and end up causing you cavities or other dental problems.
  2. Hard Candies
    Hard candies like Jolly Ranchers, peppermints, and Lifesavers might be something you like to stick in your loved ones stockings, but just how bad are these candies for your teeth? Let’s put it this way, if you simply suck on hard candies and don’t bite into them then you are at a decreased risk for dental problems. However, if you like to bite on these hard candies you could actually potentially break a tooth or cause some other sort of damage. As a friendly reminder to kids, add a little note to the candy packaging to remind them not to chew or bite on these hard candies.
  3. Oranges
    If you like the simple tradition of placing an orange at the end of your stockings for a nice, sweet surprise, you’re still safe to do so. However, just be mindful of how much citrus you and your loved ones are eating this season. Due to its high acidic levels, citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits can actually work to erode your teeth’s enamel. And although you’ll be okay to bite into a delicious orange a few times a week, brush your teeth immediately afterwards in order to play it safe.

From caramels to oranges, these three holiday treats can wreak havoc on your pearly whites. Enjoyed in moderation and with a quick tooth brushing afterwards, however, your friends and family should be safe to enjoy at least one of these treats this holiday season.

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