3 Reasons To Smile More Often

Smiling more often comes with many significant benefits. Here’s what you should know.

  • Smiling Can Make You Feel Better
    There is some truth to the old advice to ‘grin and bear it.’ Smiling can make you feel better—even if the smile is fake. When you smile, your body releases endorphins—the same chemicals that are released when you exercise. These endorphins are neurotransmitters (chemical signals from your brain) that help you feel happier and relaxed. Endorphins can also lower your stress levels and reduce pain. You feel better mentally and physically when you smile.

Because smiling helps you reduce stress, it can actually improve your overall health. When you are stressed out, your immune system is weaker and you are more vulnerable to illness and infection. When you smile and manage your stress, you’ll be healthier as well as happier.


  • Smiling Improves Your Relationships
    Smiling improves your appearance and makes you more attractive to others, which can boost your confidence and benefit your romantic relationships. Smiling can also benefit your relationships with friends, family, and even strangers. When you smile, it encourages others to smile as well, it makes it easier for others to trust you, and it makes other people feel more empathetic toward you.
  • Smiling Can Help You Succeed At Work
    People who smile are perceived as more confident, productive, and approachable at work. This can make it easier to manage our team, interact with your boss, and stay motivated throughout the day.

You know that smiling comes with many benefits, but if your teeth are crooked or stained or if your smile is unsightly, you may be hesitant to show off your smile. If this is the case, it is time to see your dentist. There are many cosmetic dentistry procedures available that can drastically improve the appearance of your teeth which will give you the confidence you need to show off your smile wherever you are.

If you’d like to learn more about improving your appearance and correcting problems with your smile, schedule an appointment at the Centennial Dental Center.

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