About Jen Kirkham

Jen Kirkham is a nationally recognized leader in airway diagnosis and therapy, with over 20 years of clinical practice in dental care. She is an Airway Consultant who has dedicated her career to providing education, training, and solutions for airway-related issues.

Jen is trained in Myofunctional Therapy and Oral-Systemic health correlations. She is passionate about promoting wellness, not just health, for her patients. Her interest in airway care began when she noticed a gap between current research and treatment protocols in real practice while planning the airway care of her own children.

Over the last 7 years, Jen has created, designed, and delivered nationally recognized programs in TMJ, Airway/Sleep Medicine, Airway-Centric Ortho, and other Preventative Dental programs. Her expertise has led to her being a sought-after speaker, consultant, and educator in the field of airway management.

Jen resides in Meridian, ID, with her family, and is active in mountain biking, music, swimming, and any outdoor activities. She believes in a holistic approach to patient care and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for her patients by optimizing their airway health.