About Dr. Altenburg

Dr. Altenburg completed his dental training at Northwestern University in Chicago in 1998, earning a DDS degree. He was accepted into the coveted and rigorous general practice residency (GPR) at the Veterans Administration Hospital in San Diego, which he completed in 1999. He was then invited to attend the prestigious endodontic program at Temple University in Philadelphia, the birthplace of contemporary endodontics. Dr. Altenburg received his endodontic certification in 2001. Since then, with the goal of helping an even greater number of patients, Dr. Altenburg has acquired extensive knowledge and training in the rapidly evolving field of craniofacial sleep medicine. Prior to entering the field of dentistry, Dr. Altenburg graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.  

Dr. Altenburg is a specialty member of the American Dental Association and a member of the Idaho State Dental Association and Southwest Idaho Dental Society. Dr. Altenburg has lectured internationally, has been an endodontic consultant and mentor for several dental study clubs and has served the community as an elected school district trustee for two terms.

Dr. Altenburg enjoys outdoor activities, including fly fishing, upland bird hunting, riding dirt bikes, snow skiing, and RVing with his wife and three children. Their dog, George, a Brittany, comes along too! Dr. Altenburg is also a foodie and wine enthusiast (recommendations are always appreciated!).