2016 Teeth Whitening Trends

Just as in all things, there are trends that come and go in regards to the overall health and wellness of your teeth. And as something that became extremely popular in the 1990’s, teeth whitening is still a dental procedure that many patients flock to Centennial Dental Center to get done. But is whitening still as popular as it once was? Read on to learn more.

A More Natural Look
The all-natural phenomenon has taken over virtually every part of people’s lives. Not only are people searching for food that is all-natural and hormone free, but they are also looking for things such as all natural cosmetics and hair dye. By only indulging in all-natural products, people feel that they are treating their minds and their bodies better. In hopes of continuing this trend while still getting your teeth white, patients are opting for more of an all-natural look when getting their teeth whitened? What does that mean exactly? It means that days of teeth that are so white they are almost blinding are gone but that teeth ridden with surface stains or that are tinged yellow are also unappealing. Instead, all-natural teeth whitening looks like teeth that are white but not blindingly so.

At-Home Whitening
Although many patients love coming into Centennial Dental to get their teeth whitened professionally, the biggest trend in teeth whitening is to use one of Centennial Dental Center’s at-home whitening kits. Designed to give you a stronger component to whiten your teeth, our at-home whitening kits allow you to get that whiter smile you have always wanted from the comfort of your own home.

Trends come and go but it’s nice to stay up on them. From getting a more natural look to embracing Centennial Dental Center’s at-home whitening kits, these are just a few of the trends in the dental industry right now. If you would like to schedule a consultation or appointment to get your teeth professionally whitened, contact Centennial Dental Center today!